Rose DiBartolomeo

Director of Human Resources

Currently in the role of Director, Human Resources at Lawrie Insurance Group in Hamilton, ON, Rose’s focus embraces building an exceptional employee journey and experience through development of talent strategies and programs, including Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention.  With a broad HR background in live entertainment, telecommunications, real estate and insurance, Rose’s accomplishments include building engagement across multiple business units in fast paced, high performing environments.  Her passion and experience allow her to influence how great teams are shaped to meet strategic business objectives and build strong workplace culture.  Key accomplishments include sourcing and building talent pipelines and networks, developing onboarding programs and resources so employees can integrate into both their role and company culture effectively, as well as creating career paths for employees to grow their careers.

All Sessions by Rose DiBartolomeo

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Day 1: Feb 15, 2023

3:30 pm

3:30 pm


Create a Comfortable and Innovative Work Culture by Utilizing People Analytics

Prepare for the new world of work with strategic HR transformation and continuously assess and improve your company culture with people analytics. Harness technologies to measure cultural information to give HR managers real actionable insights into your organizational culture. Take back to your office strategies to:

  • Examine and advance the effectiveness of your processes and procedures using employee feedback through data.
  • Improve insights across all areas of HR such as recruiting employee engagement and performance improvement etc.
  • Increase agility and collaboration and react to the new hybrid work model.

Day 2: Feb 16, 2023

1:30 pm

1:30 pm


Building the Employee Value Proposition at Lawrie Insurance Group

By embarking on an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Lawrie Insurance Group is proactively responding to changing market conditions as we continue to navigate the tight labour market.  We are committed to building a framework to build a holistic approach to the employee journey and elevate our internal and external brand so we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and retain our amazing talent.

  • Considered the most prominent feedback collected through research to gain insight into how we create a meaningful employee journey
  • Focused on the key 2-3 themes team members value most – “What’s unique about working here?”
  • Created key elements and messaging in a way that is sustainable and credible and allows us to continue building that meaningful journey