“I think it was a great conference. It was nice to see that others are struggling with data integration.”

Sandra Stewart, Director, Research, NBRHC

“Structuring the conference to allow for interaction and questions was brilliant.”

Richlyn Lorimer, HR Manager, Central West CCAC

“Valuable insight, thought provoking sessions.”

Lisa Keefe, HR Business Partner, Brant Community Healthcare System

“I have been very impressed. Great speakers and presentations, relevant topics, and good pace. It has been helpful for me to hear how other organizations manage these issues.”

Nicole Valtos, VP, Operations & Data Quality Division, Export Import Bank of the US

“Very well done. Case Studies were very insightful. Could easily relate to them and gained lots of useful information.”

Christiane Lalonde, Business Analyst, Desjardins Financial Security

“This is a great networking and learning event. I learned more about the state of people analytics in two days than I do in weeks on my own.”

Chad Harness, Vice President, Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant, Fifth Third Bank

“I had a number of take-aways that I can implement easily and start building my people analytics. Thank you. ”

Director, Human Resources, Windsor Essex Community Health Centres

“Very good consistent key messages of the value of HR analytics to address business problems.”

Junia Freitas, ‎Sr. Manager Global Talent Analytics, Scotiabank

“Fantastic collection of presenters with many different backgrounds and challenges. I learned a lot about how both my organization and I need to get on the same level as these bigger companies.”

Mark Norman, HR Reporting and Insights Analyst,, Royal Sun & Alliance

“I think it is an excellent conference with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the same field, which helps with being relevant. ”

Maria Forte, HR Advisor Workforce Planning and Analytics, The City of Calgary

“Excellent speakers. Provided a wide array of insights. Good diverse views. ”

E-City Management Consultant, City of Toronto

“Great speakers, well organized. Highly valuable experience.”

Senior Manager, Workforce Planning & People Analytics, Arun Kochar, ‎AMD

“Fantastic speakers and great content.”

Tanya Pastor, HRIS Manager and Metrics Analyst, Team Lead , Golder Associates

“Very valuable – great learning about approaches to people analytics. ”

Silke Pleus, Assistant Director, Organizational Development, BC Pension Corporation

“Very useful information provided. Great practical take aways.”

Executive Vice President, Business Development, Vistance Learning

“I love that people are actually connecting to each other learning from each other. ”

Senior Data Scientist, NetSuite