Travis Windling

Director & Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy, Talent Intelligence & Sourcing

Travis Windling is currently the Global Head of Strategy, Transformation & Analytics for Manulife Talent Acquisition.  In his role he is responsible for modernizing Technology and Analytics to create a best in class, data driven function.  Travis brings nearly 15 years of experience in driving transformation with data and people analytics at its core.  He has implemented everything from people analytics platforms to global career frameworks and specializes in quantifying value around outcomes and building the business case for change.  Fun fact in his time at Manulife Travis has created his own job on multiple occasions!  A proud father of 2, Travis spends his spare time doing Kung Fu with his 5 year old son or practicing dance routines with his 8 year old daughter.

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Day 1: Feb 15, 2023

9:00 am

9:00 am


Maximize the Effectiveness of your People Analytics Program with the Right People

If you are at the beginning of your people analytics journey, choosing the right team members is crucial to your program’s success. Achieve the mix of expertise you need to effectively execute your people analytics program. Create a road map to:

  • Devise a strategy to fulfill your vision of a top-level people analytics program that is critical to the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Identify the roles required and develop job descriptions for recruitment.
  • Partner with outside organizations to obtain the expertise needed (if you can’t acquire it in-house due to budget restraints).

Successfully launch your people analytics program with the right expertise.

Day 2: Feb 16, 2023