Kimberley Snage

Director, HR projects, Technology & Analytics

As Director of Human Resources Projects, Technology and Analytics, Kimberley leads a team that defines evidence-based talent analytics, while overseeing the HR Project portfolio, Waterloo continuous improvement initiatives and HR technologies. With more than 23 years of experience, Kimberley has a background in business, a PMP designation, Change Management certification, a MSc in Organizational Leadership and has led technology, enterprise change and analytical functions within diverse industries.

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Day 1: Dec 8, 2020

2:30 pm

2:30 pm

Case Study: Building a Data Dictionary

Get Trustworthy Information from your PA Program by Building a Data Dictionary to Establish Data Consistency

One of the first challenges HR practitioners encounter when establishing a PA program is the lack of consistency regarding the meaning of even the most basic information.  Unless there is a common set of definitions across the organization, any data pulled will be incorrect.  Shore up the data integrity in your PA program by:

  • Working with department heads to identify which terms are being interpreted differently
  • Getting buy-in regarding what the definitions should be
  • Synthesizing the resulting definitions into a dictionary that is accessible and applies across the organization

Be sure you can trust your HR data by building a data dictionary

Day 2: Dec 9, 2020