Julie Zide Mandel

Global Head of Organizational Research and Recruiting Assessment

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Day 1: Dec 8, 2020

12:00 pm

12:00 pm

Case Study: Goldman Sachs

Bolster your Understanding of Behavioural Science to Enhance your Employee Experience, Leader Development and People Analytics Program

Behavioural science is the underlying factor common to all organizations that determines how well their employees function, and is now more often being embedded in HR practices.  The increased data now available allows more detailed analysis of those psychological characteristics needed to assist with recruitment, retention and promotion decisions.  Adopt best practices to:

  • Extract data to help you create more detailed psychological assessments for potential recruits
  • Identify the people characteristics required for different roles within your organization
  • Understand what motivates different types of employees within and across different locations and cultures to achieve their individual targets and create feedback to enhance employee experience and create more nuanced data for your PA program

Use increased psychological data from your Employee Experience and People Analytics to enhance HR decisions and develop future leaders

Day 2: Dec 9, 2020