Gil Cohen


Gil Cohen has a passion for helping companies design employee experiences that improve both the outcomes of the organization and the lives of its employees. Gil’s background in psychology and business helps him understand both the individual and organizational aspects of the workplace. His goals are to help organizations to be able to co-create inspirational experiences.

Over his two-decade career, Gil has worked with leadership teams from numerous industries, gaining insights into their different styles. His work has spanned a variety of topics, including employee experience, talent management, values definition, leadership development, among others.

The work that Gil has completed has had a focus on aligning human and organizational needs. This enhances the ability of the organization and its people to achieve their individual and common goals. Gil has conducted consulting engagements, workshops, and conference sessions throughout North America.

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Day 1: Dec 7, 2021

Day 2: Dec 8, 2021

3:00 pm

3:00 pm


How to Use People Analytics to Create your Own ‘Hot Talent’ Pool

Identifying the skills and talents of your employees is critical in today’s competitive labour market. Building a top talent pool is the first step to improving your retention of top performers. Develop a blueprint to help you:

  • Leverage data analytics to create comprehensive metrics for a multifaceted approach to targeting quality talent.
  • Gain insight into what sets top performers apart from other employees.
  • Retain your top talent in order to enhance your organization’s competitive edge.

Sharpen your competitive edge by identifying and retaining top talent.