Dr Christina Augustine

Chief People Officer

LinkedIn:     Dr. Christina Augustine;
Twitter:       @drchrisaugus
Email:           [email protected]
Mobile:        +1 647 834 3282

Dr. Christina Augustine is a proficient Global HR leader with 20+ years of experience in leading Global HR in diverse industries & capacities (Technology. Non-Profit & Humanitarian sectors). Currently, leads World Vision Canada as Chief People Officer. She holds a PhD in Applied Psychology with expertise in leading legacy & digital HR. She is an industry leader in DEI, Culture Transformation, Strategic leadership & Operational Excellence; as well as a renowned HRPA member in Toronto.

Certifications & Accreditations:

  • Honored as one of the “Asia’s Most Innovative HR Tech Leader (2018)” “100 Top HR Tech Minds (2018)”, “Most Talented HR Leader (2017)” and “Top 25 most innovative HR Tech Leader (2016)” in Asia Pacific HRM & a National award entitled “Indira Super Achiever (2008)” in HR Excellence.
  • Internationally recognized as Chair & Judge for the Stevies International Business Award & Great Employers platform. Selected by Canadian Government for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, 2015.
  • Certified from NFNLP, USA; & as NGM@Maxis (Harvard Business School-Maxis Telecom, Malaysia); Trained in Transactional Analysis from ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) & the Adlerian approach.


A Career Advisor; Linkedin Coach, HR Practitioner & Keynote Speaker in International HR forums, Government, Non Profit Organizations & Universities contributing Career Coaching, HCM, Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Hands on Management Advisor to Organizations and have published several scientific papers. Chris indulges in delivering sessions through Online Webcasts, TV Shows, Social Forums, Workshops, Print & other media. Her buzzing Radio/TV show “Kelviyum Doctorum” & “Enna Seivadhu?” is a great treat. Evangelism, Youth reach, Community, Social/Mission work, Bible Exposition & Blogging are her other fond areas of interest.

All Sessions by Dr Christina Augustine

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Day 1: Feb 15, 2023

8:50 am

8:50 am

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9:00 am

9:00 am


Maximize the Effectiveness of your People Analytics Program with the Right People

If you are at the beginning of your people analytics journey, choosing the right team members is crucial to your program’s success. Achieve the mix of expertise you need to effectively execute your people analytics program. Create a road map to:

  • Devise a strategy to fulfill your vision of a top-level people analytics program that is critical to the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Identify the roles required and develop job descriptions for recruitment.
  • Partner with outside organizations to obtain the expertise needed (if you can’t acquire it in-house due to budget restraints).

Successfully launch your people analytics program with the right expertise.

3:30 pm

3:30 pm


Create a Comfortable and Innovative Work Culture by Utilizing People Analytics

Prepare for the new world of work with strategic HR transformation and continuously assess and improve your company culture with people analytics. Harness technologies to measure cultural information to give HR managers real actionable insights into your organizational culture. Take back to your office strategies to:

  • Examine and advance the effectiveness of your processes and procedures using employee feedback through data.
  • Improve insights across all areas of HR such as recruiting employee engagement and performance improvement etc.
  • Increase agility and collaboration and react to the new hybrid work model.

4:15 pm

4:15 pm

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Day 2: Feb 16, 2023

11:00 am

11:00 am


Advance the HR Profession with People Analytics in Preparation for the Future of Work

It’s true that HR departments have experienced unprecedented change as of late. But too often HR professionals are stuck with outdated tools and attitudes both within their organizations and across the entire spectrum of the HR practice. Deepen your professional knowledge and help propel the HR industry forward with the latest ideas from leading people analytics specialists. Take back an innovative plan to:

  • Raise awareness within your organization of the ROI of people analytics and the importance of HR data to your company’s future success.
  • Accelerate the practice of people analytics within your organization by instigating a new consultative approach with top management to support corporate decision-making.
  • Use the latest ideas for building standards of data definition across sectors and industries to inform your people analytics strategy.

Transform the mindset toward people analytics within your organization and prepare for the Future of Work.

4:00 pm

4:00 pm

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