Bret Swango

Vice President, Head of Workforce Analytics, Americas

Area of expertise

Bret leads the Workforce Analytics team in the Americas. He has a depth of operational strategy and corporate finance experience which he leverages to transform data into insight, enabling better business decisions for tenants, landlords, investors and developers.


On the tenant side, he advises corporate real estate and finance teams in creating data driven strategies that address their organization’s largest and most complex real estate challenges including expansions, relocations, restructurings, financing of corporate headquarters and metro area consolidations.


In his time at Colliers he has developed several tools and models that are true differentiators and not only improve decision making but also equip stakeholders with quantifiable, fact-based support for the chosen solution. One of these tools was a dynamic labor analytics solution that won the global innovation award for its impact in improving client decisions. This tool helps organizations evaluate who and where they are hiring, understand competitor hiring patterns and develop rankings and scoring models for potential locations.


He was a founding member of Colliers Economic Incentives Practice as this is a critical element in the location selection process.  He also spearheaded a project to develop a landlord vulnerability tool that is used to help better understand the pain points of various owners.


business and educational background

Bret started his career in insurance, the original big data industry, at Allstate in the corporate finance department. While at Allstate Bret held a variety of roles including Unit Manager within Brand Strategy, where he partnered with internal clients to develop both quantitative and qualitative metrics to that defined what it meant for an agency owner to be a “trusted advisors,” the organizations number one business priority that year.


Bret also spent time acting as the lead financial and operational consultant to the Allstate Contact Centers which employ more than 3,000 FTE. In this role he devised an alternative staffing and compensation model to better align labor supply with call demand.


While working as a senior analyst on the agency economics team, he was selected to serve on a cross functional team comprised of the top data scientists, engineers and analysts across the organization charged with developing a model that identified inefficiencies in the agency compensation system and designed solutions to redistribute capital to drive profitable growth for the organization.

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Day 1: Dec 7, 2021

11:45 am

11:45 am


Use People Analytics to Address the Impact of COVID-19 on your Organization and Counter ‘The Great Resignation’

COVID-19 created unprecedented upheaval to the workplace across all economic sectors. But the post-pandemic world is proving to be just as challenging. Discover how HR leaders have managed the impact of COVID-19 on their workforce and are combating ‘The Great Resignation.’ Take away actionable insights to:

  • Measure the level of employee satisfaction both pre-COVID and now, and identify the root causes.
  • Assess whether the degree of flexibility your employees want is reasonable for their role and what internal options are available to accommodate them.
  • Understand the impact COVID-19 has had on your workforce and how to address it to improve employee experience.

Leverage people analytics to help successfully counter ‘The Great Resignation.’

Day 2: Dec 8, 2021