The Use Of Data Analytics In HR: A Comparison
2015 vs. 2016

After doing a nation wide survey on where the HR industry stands in the use of Data Analytics, all the results are compiled and compared to the 2015.

This infographic draws a comparison between where the HR industry stands in terms of using Data-Analytics now as compared to in 2015. Get your copy of the infographic and see how things have changed over the past one year.

HR Analytics is changing the role of HR by allowing more in-depth assessment of the organizations workforce. Expanding your analytical toolbox gives HR the ability to identify top talent, recruit and retain high performers, and manage long-term risks.

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The Use of Data Analytics in HR: A Comparison - 2015-2016 Q1: What is your role within your organization? 2015: HR Analytics Professional 35% HR Professional without analytics background 38% Other 27% 2016: HR Analytics Professional 25% HR Professional without analytics background 46% Other 28%