The 2018 Guide to Activating Employee Voice


The annual engagement survey won’t cut it anymore in 2018. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about activating Employee Voice in your organization to help create a better employee experience. It will focus on how to actively listen to employees and measure and improve employee engagement in today’s modern workplace.


  • Why Employee Voice matters and how to sell it in your company.
  • The evolution of Employee Voice and new modern approaches.
  • FIVE ways to improve your Employee Voice mindset and approach.
  • Where to start in activating your Employee Voice and survey strategy.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™

A poor hiring decision can impact an organization’s bottom line significantly.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ from Certified Partner Predictive Success takes approximately 6 minutes to complete and allows you to develop strategies to ensure the right people are being placed into the right roles and that onboarding is done with a customized people-smart decision-making process in mind. It uses an algorithm to analyze potential employees based on parameters such as dominance, extraversion, patience and formality. The system removes the human biases that even the most seasoned human resource recruiters usually possess.

Our tools take the guesswork out of the selection process by:

  • Defining behavioural requirements of a role
  • Targeting ideal candidates
  • Identifying natural behavioural drives of candidates
  • Conducting fit/gap analyses

Starting the workforce analytics journey

The first 100 days
Lead authors of this report and the people they have interviewed have sat in analytics roles in HR. They’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.
Here’s an opportunity to learn from those who have already undertaken this
particular journey. They know that to succeed in analytics one needs to:

  • Focus on business priorities
  • Leverage your analytics through storytelling
  • Use analytics to help inform decision making, not as a substitute
  • Understand that perfect data isn’t required for a successful analysis
  • Have a point of view that not only understands the past, but also optimizes the present, and attempts to predict the future

This is the ideal moment to seize the opportunity to make analytics part of HR’s standard practice. Now is the time for bold, forward-thinking HR leaders.

The Changing Role of the CHRO

New research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has found a large gap between what companies want from the CHRO and the capabilities that are necessary to deliver it.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services polled 362 executives, including CEOs and CHROs. Among the key findings:
Companies want HR to contribute strategically: 75% say the most important challenge for the CHRO is attracting, retaining, and developing talent.

Business leaders are split over HR’s role: Among respondents with non-HR titles, 39% say that executives at their company believe HR should mainly focus on aligning HR with business strategy. But 38% report their executive leaders still believe HR should mainly focus on its traditional role of managing benefits, compensation, and compliance.

Lack of analytical skills is holding HR back: 24% chose this as the biggest obstacle to using data to make effective strategy decisions.

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For additional research findings on the changing expectations on HR leadership, download the latest corporate executive survey results published by Harris Poll and Visier here .

Connecting People Investments and Business Outcomes at Lowe’s

Using Value Linkage Analytics to Link Employee Engagement to Business Performance

The ability to formulate and implement strategy is one of the most important and elusive enablers of sustained organizational success. Successful strategy execution requires that the purpose and priorities of the organization be defined and the strategy and tactics for achieving them be clearly aligned.

Workforce Analytics 101 Infographic

Workforce Analytics is the art and science of using data to discover and share insights about your workforce, leading to better decisions. Get your visual guide to the what and why of Workforce Analytics with this Infographic by Visier. The infographic provides an overview of the driving forces behind workforce analytics, common challenges, the journey to data-driven HR, and the business results you can achieve with effective workforce analytics.

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Workforce Planning 101 Infographic

What is workforce planning and why should it matter to you? Download this visual guide to Workforce Planning 101 by Visier. This infographic shows what is driving the need for workforce planning, common workforce planning challenges, and the journey to achieve bottom-line results with effective workforce planning.

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