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Tuesday October 2nd 2018

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October 1, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:45 AM
    Opening Comments
    Peter Smit
    Founder, Collabogence
    Conference Chair
  • 9:00 AM
    Making Better People Decisions with Organizational Sentiment and Network Analysis
    Ross Sparkman
    Head of Strategic Workforce Planning, Facebook, United States

    People analytics in HR is undergoing a seismic shift. Driven by the widespread adoption of cloud HR systems, companies are investing heavily in programs to use data for all aspects of workforce planning, talent management, and operational improvement. Discover more about the explosive growth in the use of organizational network analysis (ONA):

    • Getting started with ONA and sentiment analysis
    • Framing the right question
    • Developing optimal people strategies with ONA and sentiment analysis

    Realign your HR initiatives to become an emerging business powerhouse

  • 9:30 AM
    PANEL DISCUSSION: Implementation
    Discover The Key Do’s and Don’t of People Analytics Implementation and How to Reach Your Organization’s True Potential
    Nick Necsulescu
    Director of Analytics, Presidents Choice Financial
    Jared Valdron
    People Analytics, Organizational Scientist, GitHub
    Alissa Barton
    Director, Human Capital Planning, Infrastructure Ontario
    Zuri Langhorn Baker
    Director, HR Operations, GoDaddy

    Putting your people analytics at the centre of HR can transform your business and achieve that elusive goal of a truly empowered and dynamic company of our times. Acquire insights from other HR leaders to find your own moments of truth in their journey of implementation. Gain insights on:

    • Where technology disruption and HR systems can integrate better
    • Getting the right budget allocation and ROI in place to win hearts and minds
    • Discover the top 6 barriers to a smooth-running, fully integrated PA system

    Navigate your HR PA journey and embed for your workforce across all sectors

  • 10:15 AM
    Industry Expert: How AI & ML are Transforming HR
    How AI Is Giving Feedback On How to Change Behaviours, Habits and Patterns of Your Employees

    HR is on the cusp of being able to leverage AI to refine, even redefine, many of its primary functions. Find out how artificial intelligence is leveraging algorithmic computing to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insight. Discover how this exciting workplace innovation can benefit your organization:

    • How does AI remove the potential for skewed human perspectives which can inhibit the decision-making process?
    • Make predictive quality decisions impacting today using algorithms to better interpret data sets
    • Expanding HR as a resource: where AI can free valuable time devote to improving the employee experience

    Design your best practices for using artificial intelligence in the workplace

  • 10:45 AM
    Morning Break
  • Track 1: Starting Out
    • 11:15 AM
      Case Study: Webster Bank
      Develop your People Analytics Team
      Ryan McEleney
      SVP, Director HR Analytics & Incentive Comp, Webster Bank

      Key ways to demonstrating the value of people analytics to staff - on their terms.

      • Embracing common misperceptions of HR and how they impact your business case
      • Earning investment in the long-term strategy by demonstrating value today
      • The early considerations that will impact long-term delivery

      How can you best measure and evaluate your impact on intangibles such as engagement, loyalty and morale

    • 11:45 AM
      Case Study: ROI
      Demonstrating The ROI of A Fully-Integrated People Analytics Program
      Sylvia Udemeh
      HR Data Analytics Manager, The Heineken Company

      Gaining executive buy-in for an analytics program is crucial for it’s success. Ensure you know what metrics to track, so you can determine your results. Take away a plan to:

      • Identify key ways to make people analytics measurement easy, simple and quick
      • Implement practical tools, to demonstrate that you are getting the right data to the right people at the right time
      • Visualize your results for presentation to the board

      Measure and evaluate your results effectively

    Track 2: More Mature Organizations
    • 11:15 AM
      Case Study: Moving PA Out of The HR Silo
      Using Your Data to Develop Critical Business-Decision Ability and Insights
      Rebecca Thielen
      Director, Global Workforce Data Insights, Microsoft
      Mark Hickson
      Workplace Analytics Lead for Canada, Microsoft

      At the heart of good people analytics programs is information sharing which means actionable context for decision-making purposes. However, this abundance of data sources poses one major challenge. Discover how to:

      • Prioritize all data in context of your workforces needs every day and in the future
      • Combine analytics with existing software
      • Produce actionable results

      Collect, share and act upon your workforce decision-making preferences

    • 11:45 AM
      Case Study: Machine Learning
      Using People Analytics and Machine Learning: Beyond The Hype
      Jake Carpenter
      Global Master Black Belt: Analytics Design and Innovation, AB-InBev/Unilever

      Accurate predictions are the cornerstone of effective workforce analysis and planning. When that is combined with best-practice machine learning it becomes very powerful. Discover how to

      • Graduating from metrics to true workforce intelligence
      • Transforming PA into deep workforce insights
      • How to be more courageous with people analytics: what are the data sources and algorithms you will need

      Create a finely tuned, machine learning tool for optimum HR efficiency

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM

    Collaborate with fellow speakers and attendees to tackle specific challenges facing your people analytics program: Break into groups with assigned topics and brainstorm possible solutions to specific issues

  • Track 1: Starting Out Continues
    • 2:15 PM
      Case Study: HR Data Visualization
      How to Make a Bigger Splash with Data-Based Storytelling Through People Analytics
      Tanya Pastor
      Senior Analyst, Workforce Planning, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

      The most HR effective teams are integrated with other analytics, business, and corporate groups in the company. Organizations should structurally design their HR data team to foster active collaboration. Stretch your PA capabilities to:

      • Develop the ability to put PA decision-making tools across the business
      • Using people analytics to cut through organizational layers and improve the speed of decision making
      • Plan fast and slow: how to gain short-term wins and long term transformation in collaborative performance

      Build your companies ability to truly listen, hear and act on HR PA data

    Track 2: More Mature Organizations Continues
    • 2.15 PM
      Case Study:
      Moving People Analytics out of the HR Silo: Fostering Collaborative Decision-making Across Business Units
      Tony Bennett
      HR Analytics & Planning, Human Resources, Alberta Health Services

      The most effective HR teams are integrated with other analytics, business, and corporate groups in the company. Organizations can formally and informally design their HR data and analytics teams to foster active collaboration. Stretch your people analytics capabilities to:

      • Develop the ability to put people analytics evidence-based decision-making tools across HR and into hands of frontline leaders
      • Use people analytics to cut through organizational layers and improve local decision making
      • Plan fast and slow: how to gain short-term wins and long term transformation in people analytics evidence-based decision-making
    • Build your organization’s ability to truly listen, hear and act on HR people analytics data, information, and wisdom
  • 2:45 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:15 PM
    Case Study: Listening Channels
    Gathering Data from New Vs Traditional Sources With The Latest Listening Channels
    Christopher Garnett
    Director, Workforce Planning & Utilization, Kingston Health Sciences Centre & Providence Care

    Most companies think they have all the data that they need, and realize they don’t know how to leverage it into meaningful insights. However, you may have data you didn’t realize you could use to improve your decision-making. Take advantage of new methods of gathering data, using listening software to take your analytics to the next level. Take back to your office a plan to:

    • Collect near real-time data about employee engagement, communications and wellbeing
    • How to leverage 7 methods of capturing data
    • Realize the changes you can make in your organization using data from listening channels

    Transform how you capture data and improve decision-making

  • 3.45 PM
    Industry Expert: Privacy
    Building A Data Council: How to Create a System Of Data Governance to Ensure Success

    Analytics is nearly impossible without data accuracy, consistent definitions for key metrics, and strong privacy policies. Join mature people analytics groups by creating a data council to govern your privacy policy. Take away a plan to:

    • Build a data council from the ground up
    • Discover what the best PA led organizations have done to balance privacy with increased insights
    • Making data-sharing and HR-led insights a positive experience for your workforce

    Improve your privacy policies with governance from a data council

  • 4:15 PM
    PANEL DISCUSSION: HR Transformation
    How People Analytics is an HR Lynchpin – Empowering the Role, Reach and Influence of HR
    Ivona Simic
    Director, People Insights and Analytics, BMO Financial Group
    Roxanne M. Laczo
    People Analytics Partner, AIG
    Alexander Uborcev
    Director, Integrated People Management, RBC
    Tony Bennett
    HR Analytics & Planning, Human Resources, Alberta Health Services
    Arun Kochhar
    Global HR Insights & People Analytics Lead, Xerox

    People analytics programs are changing the role, influence and structure of traditional HR departments. It’s a revolution which is gathering speed. This panel looks at a company’s employee-related data to solve specific business problems in areas such as talent management, sales productivity, fraud, and customer satisfaction. You will walk away with dozens of ideas of how to manage enable better business-decisions and the changes required:

    • Is my organization structured to deliver on new human capital challenges: what needs to change?
    • Visualise the optimal organization with the right structure, roles and capabilities to successfully deliver your business strategy
    • How to avoid being ‘stuck in neutral’: making progress which is vital to the growth of business

    Build an enhanced decision-making analytics organization to deliver and reporting where better information is needed

  • 5:00 PM
    Industry Expert: Talent Management
    Using People Analytics to Enhance Your Talent Management Strategy: Developing and Retaining Talent

    An active talent management strategy requires managers and leaders at every level of the organization to be committed and to have the right information at the right moment in time. Find out how people analytics works to continuously develop the talent you have identified in your organization.

    • Using data to effectively predict and identify your future talent and high performers identify “flight risk” employees and develop analytics based retention and engagement plans to keep Top Talent in your organization.
    • How to use people analytics to ensure you have aligned are your business, workforce and talent management strategies
    • Using people analytics to support workforce planning takes account of wider changes in your company
  • 5:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day Two and Evening Cocktail Reception

    Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speakers at our exclusive end-of-the-day reception. Bring your business cards!

  • October 1, 2018
    October 2, 2018
    • 7:30 AM
      Registration and Breakfast
    • 8:30 AM
      Opening Comments
      Peter Smit
      Founder, Collabogence
      Conference Chair
    • 8:45 AM
      OPENING ADDRESS: Building an Analytics Team
      What Can HR Learn from Business and Vice Versa: Building an Analytics ‘Dream Team’– A Journey of Discovery
      Julie Anne Philip
      Director Analytics, North America, Mondelēz International

      There’s a lot of work to be done in gaining strong business decision-making from data and analytics – not least, how to balance the skills, experiences and personalities that make it the right choice for your organization. Find out how to build your dream team. Settle down and take notes from a personal journey of discovery!

      • Big data, business intelligence, and analytics: Implications for innovation, growth and ROI
      • Starting from scratch: Building an analytics team that works for you – mistakes vs successes
      • Keeping the show on the road: Getting the right KPIs, roles and dynamics going

      Preparing your organization to thrive: HR from a different perspective in the new data-led world

    • 9:15 AM
      People Analytics Technology: Why is it Becoming the Next Big Thing?

      As the people analytics specialism matures, the number of technology solutions providers’ increases. People analytics technology will support the easier management of your business operations in an increasingly diverse environment. In this lively discussion, hear pitches and debate between the leading people analytics solutions providers and decide who will be the winners in the race for enhanced HR capabilities. Gain insight into:

      • Why people analytics technology is different to existing HR technology or data
      • The local and global considerations you should evaluate before investing in analytics technology
      • Which systems will be best for your organization

      Assess the benefits of different people analytics technologies for your organization

    • 9.45 PM
      PANEL DISCUSSION: Technology
      Finding The Right PA Technology and System for Your Organization
      Adele Pugliese
      Vice President, Data Governance, Bentall Kennedy
      Ben Slade
      Program Analyst, Workforce Planning & Policy Division, NASA
      Danielle Strang
      Head of People Operations, Jobber

      Many companies are managing change and innovation at the same time as examining the deployment of insights from people data. Identify an effective solution to support business growth and improve the management of HR with people analytics solutions and recommendations. Generate a plan to:

      • Track employee and recruitment needs across an changing economic and digital landscape
      • Discover the pros and cons of data for HR and innovation: becoming a trusted partner
      • Better understand how analytics can support change initiatives

      Beat your competition to new growth opportunities using valuable HR insights.

    • 10:30 AM
      Morning Break
    • Track 1: Starting Out
      • 11:00 AM
        Case Study: Data Literacy
        Increasing your HR team’s analytical-literacy skills as the key to people analytics success
        Zachary Nichol
        HR Metrics Analyst, City of Hamilton
        Nenzi Cocca
        Director of HR Systems & Operations, Human Resources, City of Hamilton

        Harnessing people analytics insights requires a new set of skills to communicate insights across the business. How do you improve your HR and company ‘analytical-literacy’ to compliment a new people analytics system:

        • Differentiating between workforce reporting and people analytics
        • Preparing your data to enable a strong analytical foundation
        • Avoiding bias and ensuring that you have actionable and understandable results.
        • How to build clarity and increase value from people analytics charts, metadata and reports to get your message across.

        Taking a data-friendly focus and empowering approach to staff skills.

      Track 2: More Mature Organizations
      • 11:00 AM
        Case Study: AIG
        Building Upwards and Using More Advanced Tools and Methods to Drive Business Value
        Roxanne M. Laczo
        People Analytics Partner, AIG

        How do you become a game changing people analytics leader 2.0? Learn how to communicate your data more effectively: Create a plan to:

        • Gain the full support of your organization to share information and data with HR and yield powerful insight
        • Using text analytics to draw insight from untapped employee data
        • Better organizing reporting projects and how data quality and governance is key to supporting analytics transformation

        Find out how to build the best in class data tools and systems

    • 11:30 AM
      Case Study: Trimble
      Positioning HR’s Role as A Strategic Advisor: Getting More from Your People Analytics Data Journey
      Sukumaran Mariappan
      Director - Global HR Analytics & Reporting, Trimble

      Integrating the wealth of information available on your wider data journey with your HR department’s transformation to become a trusted service provider. Discover ways to:

      • Make “one view” of your workforce available in real-time
      • Allow the two journeys to become aligned and how to overcome challenges
      • Driving forwards in the face of cultural resistance or poor data quality

      Better understand your workforce and building stronger relationships with data

    • 12:00 PM
      Networking Lunch
    • 1:30 PM

      Collaborate with fellow speakers and attendees to tackle specific challenges facing your people analytics program: Break into groups with assigned topics and brainstorm possible solutions to specific issues

    • 2:30 PM
      Industry Expert: Predictive Analytics
      Predictive People Analytics Strategies Which Turn Staff Retention and Motivation Problems into New Opportunities

      Workforce disillusionment has risen to an almost unmanageable level with the current economic environment, effectively motivating staff is the holy grail of better HR strategies. Use HR data to predict workforce performance and improvement. Master the key success factors to:

      • Linking predictive analytics to all workforce interaction for ongoing benchmarking
      • Turn staff assessments into an opportunity for growth and training in the future
      • Give staff the data tools to overcome and empower them to take action and right steps to rectify problems before as they happen

      Build a workforce that wants to stay with you forever

    • 3:00 PM
      Afternoon break
    • 3:30 PM
      Case Study: Innovation
      What Does HR and Analytics Have to do With Innovation: From Horseless Carriage To Supercar!
      Anna Foat
      Director, Global Digital Transformation Office, Sun Life Financial

      Before we can cultivate greater creativity and innovation in our organizations, we need to be able to define it in a business context. In this session we look at HR and data analytics challenges differently and re-frame obstacles by seeking input and points of view from a wide range of perspectives. Gain inspired creative problem solving by:

      • Examine how growth as a result of innovation and data analytics is now as important as cost reduction
      • Horses for courses: Have we lost the plot?
      • Directly linking innovation with HR analytics and big data: Transformational intelligence across the business

      Become an organization who listens and acts on all workforce feedback across all channels

    • 4:00 PM
      Case Study: Employee Loyalty
      Best Practice Workforce Strategies for Better Employee Retention and Enhanced Loyalty
      Vancho Cirovski
      Director, Culture and Talent Management, Red Sun Farms

      Before we can cultivate greater creativity and innovation in our organizations, we need to be able to define it in a business context. This session looks at challenges differently and re-frames obstacles by seeking input and points of view from a wide range of perspectives. Gain inspired creative problem solving from:

      • Build engagement through personalization and best practices
      • Harness feedback and workforce campaign reports to discover the key do’s and don’ts
      • Breaking down internal silo's for win-win situations

      Increase employee retention, loyalty and lifetime value - all while building brand equity

    • 4:30 PM
      Conference Adjourns
    October 2, 2018
    October 3, 2018
    • 9:00 – 12:00 PM
      Workshop A
      Best Practices to Move from an HR Business Partner Process to Lead and Implement a People Analytics System
      Sukumaran Mariappan
      Director - Global HR Analytics & Reporting, Trimble

      An interactive master class focussing on your challenges and goals using lessons learned from a practitioner who successfully made the change. Discover how to overcome key barriers you encounter. Walk away with knowledge on:

      1. How Trimble approached the people analytics journey
      2. How analytics improves employee experience and retention
      3. What lessons were learned and some of the key decisions that were made that enhanced progress
      4. What your organization needs to achieve from HR reform
      5. Data: what’s available, how to collect it and what other channels should be considered
      6. Managing board commitment and continuous employee buy-in

      Master the non-technical basics of people analytics to unlock the potential of your HR department

    • 1:00 – 4:00 PM
      Workshop B
      Re-Designing the Employee Experience with People Analytics
      Daneal Charney
      Director of Talent, VentureServices, MaRs

      The future is HR as the architect of the talent experience from candidate to employee. As new talent strategies struggle to bring to the forefront the employee and engage them to deliver better business results, exponential technologies are proving to be an essential partner in capturing key data and offering unique insights into how this employee experience should be redesigned in order to deliver higher performance and extend the lifetime value of talent.

      You will walk away understanding:

      1. How Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, AR are optimizing and personalizing the candidate and employee experience
      2. How to use data in a meaningful way to re-design the candidate and employee journey and in turn enhance the lifetime value of your talent
      3. Business case applications of new tech solutions that leverage data insights to transform the candidate and employee experience
    October 3, 2018

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