Hosted VIP

What is a Hosted VIP?

A Hosted VIP who attends People Analytics Summit is a C-Suite decision maker responsible for People and Workforce Analytics space, across a variety of industries, to gain inspiration on topics such as Employee Wellbeing, AI Talent Acquisition, Data Governance and Management, Data Literacy and more. As well as networking with peers and conducting business, that is both cost effective and time efficient for you and your organization.

Why apply?

The People Analytics Summit, Hosted VIP Programme is specifically tailored to make sure that you are meeting the industry including the best suppliers, who can help you achieve better business results

With a bespoke matchmaking system, our Hosted VIPs are guaranteed to receive a meeting diary with meeting with the relevant companies that support your business and budget needs.

What's included?

Discover the added value with VIP benefits:

  • Your ticket to the Summit, valued at $1,995.00
  • Hosted VIP only C-Suite Leaders Lunch
  • Complimentary car transfers from your chosen pick up and drop off locations*
  • VIP reserved seating at the Summit
  • 30% off discount code for the rest of your team to join the summit
  • The opportunity to join a leadership panel discussion**
  • Personal concierge service who will work with yourself or your personal assistant to firm up your participation and suggest suppliers to meet with based in your requirements

*For transfers under 30km each way.
**To take part in the leadership panel, our concierge will discuss this with you to see if this is something you wish to take part in.

Who can apply?

If you are a C-Suite decision maker and are interested in attend People Analytics Summit

When considering applications, we look at the following criteria:

  • Your purchasing or decision making authority.
  • Business size


Apply now to be a Hosted VIP.

Kate Domagala

VIP Director

Reach out for more information. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours!